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Receiving the right referrals

This section aims to support referrals to speech pathology and to ensure that people with aphasia are not missed. Follow the links for best practice statements developed in accordance with the most up-to-date research and expert opinion.

Information that you will find in this section focuses on: 

  1. Aphasia awareness - by increasing aphasia awareness in the community speech pathologists can help to ensure early identification and management of aphasia.
  2. Aphasia screening - by implementing aphasia screening tools in workplaces, speech pathologists can help to ensure that people with aphasia are not missed.
  3. Hospital admission and referrals to speech pathology services - by advocating for admission to acute stroke units and referrals to speech pathology for people with aphasia, speech pathologists can provide aphasia rehabilitation in a supportive healthcare setting. 
  4. Communication training for health professionals- this will help other health professionals to identify aphasia characteristics and will provide them with communication strategies to obtain relevant medical and background information from people with aphasia. This will guide appropriate onward referrals and overall management.






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