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Resources: working with people with ATSI backgrounds

  1. Aboriginal Language Centres e.g. the Aboriginal Language Centres e.g. NSW Government Language and Culture Nests
  2. Australian Government.  The National Agreement on Closing the gap.
  3. Our Languages: Aboriginal Languages Resources & Contacts for Western Australia.
  4. Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health. Online cultural orientation plan for health professionals. This is an online resource providing health professionals with an orientation to cultural safety within an Aboriginal context.
  5. Creating cultural empathy and challenging attitudes through Indigenous narratives.  This is a set of videos of Aboriginal people from Western Australia providing stories about their engagement with the health system associated with a variety of health conditions including stroke. It also includes a series of vignettes modelling a number of issues related to intercultural communication.
  6. First People’s Disability Network Australia.
  7. Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment.  This is an assessment tool designed for differential diagnosis of dementia. However it provides a good example of a culturally and linguistically appropriate assessment tool, and contains some communication items.
  8. Journey After Stroke. This is a booklet  providing advice to Indigenous people after stroke. It is available to purchase through the National Stroke Foundation ordering system covering the cost of printing and postage of the booklets. The Resource Order form is on the NSF website   (enclosed a copy below) or you can call  03 9670 1000 to order copies. Alternatively, there is a PDF copy of booklet on the National Stroke Foundation website. Visit the NSF website, click on the Library and Resources tab on the right side of the home page and type Journey after Stroke in the keyword search space. Getting the hard copy booklet would be the number one option, however if printing the booklet please ensure that it is in colour and in its entirety as the holistic approach to stroke management.  The vibrant colours and font enhances the cultural appropriateness of the resource.
  9. Strong Spirit Strong Mind project pack of cards. These cards are used to stimulate conversation/interviews and contain pictures of Aboriginal people doing a variety of activities.  Available from Darelle Ellis, Administration Officer, Aboriginal A&OD Program Drug & Alcohol Office, 7 Field Street Mount Lawley WA 6050 .
  10. Indigenous Interpreters - National Indigenous Australians Agency  - search for your local agency.

 Other websites:

Australian Indigenous Health Infonet

Partnership, acceptance, learning and sharing (PALS) Website

Aboriginal Art Centre Hub Western Australia 

Creative spirits: Aboriginal culture




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